New Portable Fan Hot Selling USB Charging Portable Mini Multi-function Floor Fan For Home Outdoor Camping Air Conditioner


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Portable Folding Fan: 7200 mAH built-in battery, lightweight, easy to carry, multifunctional application, expandable height, multiple modes of use in one: countertop + floor + built-in fan storage
4-speed selection: Mini-size, 4 adjustable air streams are available by easily pressing the power button. It can be powered by a mobile power source, a computer USB port, or an AC adapter.
Built-in battery: Built-in 7200 mAh battery, fully wireless when used for 5 to 10 hours, lets you enjoy the cool breeze anytime, anywhere. It can be powered by a mobile power supply, computers, and other USB ports.
Adjustable speed and angle: with 4 effective and powerful settings (low/medium/high/natural), the wind speed can be adjusted freely by turning the knob. With adjustable angles, you can enjoy fresh air in any direction.
Various uses: suitable for all kinds of occasions, such as office, family, kitchen, barbecue, beach, camping, hiking, tourism, etc., easy to carry.

Product Information:

Material: ABS + PP + aluminum
Battery: 7200 mAh (four sections 18650)
Use time: 1 hour 5 hours 2 files 9 hours 3 files 23 hours 4 hours 24 hours


Packing List: 


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Additional information

Weight 1.31 kg
Dimensions 240 × 220 × 200 cm

White 2PC, White 3PC, Pink retractable 3600mA, White retractable 3600mA, Pink, Pink retractable 7200mA, White, White retractable 7200mA

86 reviews for New Portable Fan Hot Selling USB Charging Portable Mini Multi-function Floor Fan For Home Outdoor Camping Air Conditioner

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