Mechanical Keyboard Wooden Hand Rest Wrist Support Wrist Pad


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Mechanical keyboard wooden hand rest wrist support wrist pad support hand mouse wrist rest 87 solid wood palm rest ikbc wooden support wooden support


Material: Other /other
Color classification: Walnut-one hand-17cm walnut-small-60 key-30cm walnut-medium-87 key-36cm walnut-medium-87 key upgrade walnut-large-104 key 44cm walnut Wood-Large-104 key upgrade wenge wood-small-60 key-30cm wenge wood-medium-87 key-36cm wenge wood-large-104 key-44cm wenge wood-large-104 key-upgrade Green Sandalwood-Large-104Key-44cm Ebony-Small-60Key-30cm Black Sandalwood-Medium-87Key-36cm Black Sandalwood-Large-104Key-44cm

Type: Wrist rest          

Additional information

Weight 0.42 kg
Dimensions 440 × 80 × 17 cm

L, S, M



82 reviews for Mechanical Keyboard Wooden Hand Rest Wrist Support Wrist Pad

  1. J***k

    Arrived quickly and as described. Seems to be good quality.

  2. K***v

    The wrist rest was delivered fast and its packaging was perfect: soft figure-hugging plastic bag, suspended in rings of foamed polyethylene, all in proper cardboard box.

    Yet, on the right side of it, right when unpacked – there's a dent. After some use, the left side is coarse, to the point of leaving splinters. Even in smooth-feeling areas, there are grooves in the wood inviting poor durability, not sure if it can be fixed with fine sandpaper. It's either a bad board, bad polishing, or bad finish coating. I'll have to either sandpaper it, wax it, or throw it away.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  3. J***a

    Very good quality

  4. B***M

    Packing condition description came in leopard cat with chicken.
    Back 곩 wishy-washy 엙 engraved 횕 leopard cat leopard cat picture came in clarity and chicken 륽 넭 욝.
    106 keyboard French size is fit four.
    Chicken it cheap 덹 섥 leopard cat is 겕 provide full day seemed to 닑 chicken.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  5. K***r

    Fine details of rubber behind the spout. And wipe cotton tree oil (?) like brushing too bury well should be used.

  6. A***o

    a great product, quality beyond my expetcation. thanks

  7. A***n

    This has a nice solid wooden feel to it. Great quality.

  8. J***r

    Product itself is as described and is of decent quality. But the packaging is very poor, only a thin paper box. When it arrived, the whole package was crushed and there are 3 very noticeable scars on the wrist rest's surface. Does not recommend because of the packaging quality.
    no remarkno remark

  9. A***l

    Fits nicely with Keychron K2
    no remarkno remark

  10. D***r

    Good good
    no remarkno remark

  11. M***L

    The varnish is removed when you 've been holding hands for two hours. Poor quality.
    no remark

  12. M***a

    Good for the price and reasonably well made, good matching for the Royal kludge RK61 keyboard, the rubber foots are more than fulfilling, I wish the finish would have been a bit better, the cut and the surface finish, hence the 4 stars
    no remark

  13. S***o

    Excellent product quality, I did not expect such a such finishing

  14. H***i

    The product came well packaged and as correct as specified. The support is matte and through rough surface in some regions, believe just sanding a little and apply a layer of varnish is looking better.

  15. A***v

    Made very high quality

  16. A***j

    Excellent quality, beautiful design. No cavities U like other sellers.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  17. B***v

    Very fast delivery.
    no remarkno remark

  18. F***r

    Product arrived within 3 weeks (italy) in perfect conditions: no scratches or signs. It has a good weight and is good looking.
    Really satisfied

  19. J***G

    Forward seems more decent. Microphone sensitivity neatly and high floor slip-resistant wholesale description:. Refurbished pad in writing is a bit Milly. Still satisfied. The following is a full array size ordered the ball up.

  20. J***o

    great peice, very nice finish and the rubber feet are very good. shipping was reasonable to Australia! Would purchase again

  21. C***r

    Really nice. Fits perfectly on my Leopold keyboard.
    no remark

  22. B***g

    Nice product pleasant to view n with good workmanship n finishing
    no remark

  23. A***i

    Perfect! Nice built! I like it!

  24. A***r

    Great item, nice color and solid piece of wood. Great buy!

  25. S***v

    Got the TKL version; actual size is 360x78x19 mm (if the height is measured from the table surface, so it includes the 2 mm rubber feet; actual wood thickness is about 17 mm), weight is 252 g. There are some parts on the top surface which feel rougher than the rest, but it does not really affect the usability.

  26. A***g

    Excellent. Though the finish can be improved. Fits with k2
    no remark

  27. A***g

    Great item, bought it for my cousin. Did not really like the finish though I suppose it can be self varnished.
    no remark

  28. G***x

    amazing quality. arrived in a week and a half!!! highly recommended.
    no remarkno remark

  29. A***v

    Item as described! Fast delivery! Thanks!

  30. G***r

    I placed the order a few days before new year and today 11/01/2021 I arrive, it has only a small fault, but does not prevent its operation, 90% recommended.

  31. A***i

    no remarkno remark

  32. P***o

    Fits perfectly with my IQUNIX F96 KAT White keyboard. No holes or imperfections and it really helps with my wrists especially if your keyboard has a high profile like mine. Only a little bit of glue is visible on the side of the rubber feet but it's purely cosmetical and won't bother me at all. Would recommend!
    no remarkno remark

  33. D***n

    It's real wood with a smooth matte finish. Rubber pads at the bottom give it some grip. Feels great on the wrists and seems like it would last a lifetime. Great value.

  34. M***r

    Good quality. Feels nice, perfect size and height for my 60% tofu. Took 18 days to arrive.

  35. A***e

    About 21 days to US East Coast.

    Came in perfect condition, no blemishes.

  36. P***i

    Very nice.

  37. J***g

    The quality is very good.
    It was delivered without defect.
    I'm satisfied.
    no remarkno remark

  38. O***v

    While the current unpacked) I'm waiting for a clave. Packed very cool! Like a crystal inside! Thank you seller!

  39. M***d

    Very nice, high quality product. Would buy again.

  40. C***g

    I'm very satisfied with this product. I have both medium and large size for 87 keys and 108 keyboard. I like both. They make my wrist as high as the keyboard.

  41. J***

    Excellent quality, as described and very happy.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  42. F***i

    Good quality, perfect for my Keychron K2!

  43. S***E

    bit glossy..

  44. P***k

    굿100자 압박아아아아아아아

  45. S***N

    Surface is rough and not finish this sophisticated section right now. Skin for direct tethered product highlight point for easy navigation. Hours one-line Cotton also in domestic market and for making products many lines need ur once again think system is like the shows.

  46. M***o

    Product same as description, good quality. Very pleasant to the touch and aesthetically pleasing

  47. D***n


  48. H***a

    Perfect size and great quality

  49. N***n

    Everything is ok but need varnish

  50. S***l


  51. A***a

    Product with excellent workmanship and material used appears very good quality. Very satisfied with the purchase.

  52. O***r

    Wrist rest is above average. It fit my Keychron K8 TKL perfectly. However the surface wasn't sanded properly. So, I had to sand it myself. I will also stain it soon. So, if you are planning to purchase it, make sure you will need to do some manual work to make it perfect. Anyway, thanks Vaydeer for this affordable and good looking product!

  53. C***e

    a little thicker than I expected, but it's good stuff. the photos make the finish look a bit darker than it is.

  54. J***a

    Very quick to arrive nicely packed nice item

  55. S***e

    very satisfying

  56. V***o

    Excellent packaging and quality of the stand. The stand came without damage and looks great

  57. K***d

    Looks nice and feels smooth when you get it. I have used mine very actively for 2 weeks and you can see on the photo that I might need to oil it again to get the uniform color back.
    no remark

  58. M***z

    packaging was not good but the wrist rest thankfully was not damaged and is in good condition. very good quality i like very nice
    no remark

  59. M***i

    Love it. It works and the description is accurate.

  60. G***r

    The wrist wrest is very comfortable just what I needed but there’s one spot on the keyboard that isn’t sanded well but it’s not a bother it’s still a very good product and looks nice
    no remark

  61. D***o

    Excellent finish. Would’ve costed much more from Amazon
    no remark

  62. S***r

    Great product.
    no remark

  63. D***o

    Item arrived with many gashes in the wood. I issued a dispute and Aliexpress' verdict was a $3 refund or return it and I have to pay "high shipping costs" for receiving a damaged item. This website is a scam and I certainly won't be using it anymore.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  64. F***r

    Excellent quality. I highly recommend it.

  65. V***k

    Comes as advertised. Wonderfull piece of wood with smooth finish. No sapwood. Good weight so it doesn't move.

  66. C***e

    I have 87 key keyboard and the size is perfect. Maybe 3mm wider, but anyhow, perfect. It looks very nice (like on the image), but the way it feels is soooooooooooo nice. I had a gel wrist rest before, this is 100x better. So yes it is expensive. But if you pay the money, the product you get is 100% worth the money. Would recommend and give 6 stars.

  67. F***r

    Very satisfied with the quality of the wood! stays perfectly flat against my keyboard and the finish feels very nice. great product.

  68. K***r

    no remark

  69. B***r


  70. P***s

    received quite fast. I was a bit scared when i saw the package crush on a corner but there is foam to protect the wood so no damaged. the product is nice but maybe a little bit high but not sure if it's normal for such a product. I will see with the time if it fit to my keyboard.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  71. M***o

    Great product. Only took 7 days to arrive to Portugal. Nicely packaged.
    However, the only thing I could suggest is for the seller assure before shipping that the wooden piece is well polished, because mine looks like it was only polished in a small area, and the rest of the wood has splinters…

  72. F***n

    It wasn't the color of the picture.

  73. J***o

    wood feeds like good quality, but the finish is a bit rough and the coat leaves chemical smells in my hand. that said I'm quite happy with it.

  74. V***e

    Great description. Using with the keychron K8 and was excellent! A good alternative to the own keychron manufactures, being almost half the price. Came well packaged and no damage. Arrived in two weeks
    no remark

  75. V***v

    Very cool board, took on kemove 61. Lay perfectly

  76. C***r

    Perfect thanks!

  77. E***v

    Excellent quality

  78. Y***n

    I love it, very good quality, color and smooth. fit to my Logitech G512 (104 keys).

    Thailand, order 15 Apr – received the product 30 Apr.
    By the way, the tracking shipment not show the real time. my shipment status "departed country of origin" but I got it and enjoyed typing : )
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  79. A***r

    I like the quality of the hand wrist, the wood is very good looking, quite light in colour. The quality and finish are good, as are the rubber pads below. There is no strange or odd smell. I am very satisfied and recommend this product.

  80. F***o

    Quality First. Premium finish

  81. V***e

    Arrived in decent condition, nice to the touch. Despite being wooden isn't actually too pressuring for hands.

  82. P***d

    It was shipped fast, but took some time to get it. Ordered 6th of April, and received it 6th of May.
    Amazing quality, better then expected. Looks amazing, and fits my Varmilo perfectly.

    Will order again to fit for other keyboards.
    no remark

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